Vaccine Study Card

Scanned QR Code shows:
 Participant in worldwide study
 Desire not to be vaccinated
 Asserts right to bodily autonomy

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What is the Control Group Vaccine Study?

Established 2021, the Control Group Vaccine Study is the COVID-specific branch of our worldwide, observational health-outcomes survey. It is being used to determine the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines by providing the long-term ‘control group’ data that developers of the COVID-19 vaccines failed to collect

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What is the Vaccine Study Card?

The Vaccine Study Card (VCG) card is your Control Group membership card. It shows you are a participant in our worldwide survey.

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in over 175 countries

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Why would I need such a card?

As well as showing that you are a member of an important study, VCG Card expresses your desire not to be vaccinated (or vaccinated any further). Your unique QR code confirms to anyone who scans it that you are a participation in the study and reiterates your right to not be discriminated against for your medical choices.

Many participants tell us they have used their VCG Card to continue to live a normal life during the pandemic era.

VCG Card is available in a range of languages and can be shipped worldwide.

How can I get the Control Group Vaccine Study Card?

All members of the Control Group Vaccine Study can create a free Digital VCG Card, which can be accessed from your phone.

Durable printed copies of our membership cards are available free of charge* to all our subscribing Associate members, who provide the essential funding to ensure the long-term viability and independence of our important study.

(*a small charge is levied for postage and packaging)

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Associate Subscription

The Control Group is independent of any pharmaceutical companies, big businesses, government bodies, and stakeholders. Our vaccine study only exists due to the incredible support of our Associate subscribers, who choose to make small regular donations towards the running of our research.

Associates can benefit from being able to order durable, plastic copies of their participant ID cards - including the Vaccine Study Card and the ICE Health Card.

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Consider becoming an Associate today and help us establish the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals like the COVID-19 vaccine.

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